Where are all the teaching jobs? It’s a question many graduates ask themselves. It seems like there are no teaching jobs for most of the year and then a sudden flurry of positions are being advertised around August and September. So what is going on and what are you supposed to do if you are looking for work or a promotion the rest of the year?

The answer is simple. September is the latest that most schools can find time to process applications for new teachers. With the school term beginning in mid to late January, there is no time at the beginning of the new year to interview for new staff.  And most schools are busy dealing with the large amount of marking and administration that comes with the end of the school year. The huge influx of teaching positions appearing is from schools trying to get organised and fill positions for the new year.

This cycle is less prevalent for educators outside of the primary and secondary school systems. But there is still a similar ebb and flow to the number of positions available for educators generally. Sometimes it seems difficult to find teaching and education jobs at other times. 

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Teaching Jobs Found

When a position is advertised in August, it can be open for a month or longer. There is still plenty of time for applications to be processed, and the position filled. These jobs can be filled at an almost leisurely pace compared to positions that open up at other times. Many schools do not have any staff to spare, so if a position opens up, it needs to be filled ASAP. These job ads may only be open for two weeks or even less. This quick turnover means if you are not on the ball, positions could come and go without you even realising. 

Across the country, teachers are in high demand, but the kinds of teachers needed and where they are needed can vary. Once you focus in on a specific place, you will begin to see these jobs coming and going constantly. If you are looking for a promotion, those can appear and disappear even more quickly. It is important to know what you want, keep an eye out and be ready to apply as soon as the position opens up.

Deciphering Selection Criteria

Preparing a teaching job application and responses to selection criteria is time-consuming. That is time you probably do not have when application deadlines are looming. Every state has different expectations for the formatting and content of your application. There can be broad differences between public, private and catholic schools as well. Generally, if the position description does not state otherwise, then there are a few rules of thumb. In Queensland, a two-page statement of claims is appropriate. In New South Wales, you have one page to respond to each selection criteria, with an opening and closing statement and STAR method examples. In Western Australia, the responses have to fit inside a three-page cover letter and additionally address the state’s Domains in the Professional Standards for Teachers.

That might all feel daunting, but there is help out there. There are application guides from the state departments of education and even individual schools.  They can help, but the NSW Public Education Application Guide for Classroom Teachers is over 50 pages long. So if you are short on time, then pouring over the guides yourself might not be an option.

Where are all the teaching jobs?

Need Some Help?

Putting together a high-impact, effective and professional teaching application can be difficult and time-consuming to try and do on your own. That is where Teachers Resumes can help. Our team of experienced selection criteria writers are career experts. They can tailor you a powerful application that will help you stand out from the crowd. We have extensive experience supporting a wide variety of teachers and education professionals, from graduates to high-level management in the public and private sectors. We also offer priority services, so you have your application ready to go whenever you need it. 

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