Four Page Statement of Claims Writing


Our professional statement of claims writing service includes:

An in-depth phone consultation with an experienced statement of claims writer to draw out the raw information required to write your statement.

During the phone consultation, your assigned Writer will discuss the examples that best highlight your experience with you and draw out the information required to paint your career in a light that best reflects the role description and your suitability. Our writers are skilled at analysing the position description and formulating a document that utilises keywords and phrases, whilst showcasing your skills and achievements that coincide with the requirements of the role.

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A Professional Approach to Writing a Statement of Claims

Our team of writers have helped thousands of candidates achieve interviews, job selection and career progression. We work with you on a one on one basis and don’t simply rely on written information to produce your government application. Every client will be consulted with and interviewed; this allows us to probe into your experience and help decide which part of your experience is the most suitable example to address each selection criterion.

The STAR Method

At Select Resumes we use the STAR method to present your skills and achievements against the selection criteria and position description.

The STAR method is recommended by the Australian Public Service Commission on their guide to Applying for an APS Job: Cracking the Code.

The STAR method involves breaking down your experience into a Situation, Task, Action and Result, to ensure a clear picture of your skills and achievements is communicated. The key to a strong position application is to highlight your achievements and careers moments that you are particularly proud of, rather than simply your role responsibilities.

Briefly describe the situation, such as what your role was and who was involved.

An outline of your task and the challenge.

A break down of the steps that you took to address the task.

What the end result was, such as feedback or a measurable outcome for the stakeholders involved.


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