Career Purpose and Direction Coaching


This one-on-one career coaching is designed for individuals who feel uncertain about what they would love to do, or lack a sense of purpose, drive and motivation.

Our career coaching will ensure you:

  • Discover your key strengths and explore how to apply them in a future or current role
  • Step up your sense of motivation through goal setting strategies
  • Increase your levels of self-confidence to move forwards into your dream role or work towards it
  • Understand growth mindset strategies to ensure success in your professional life
  • Learn the basics of mindfulness to support you as you become more aware of your career purpose and produce feelings of calm and self-trust
  • Adopt a positive mindset to master a long-lasting can-do attitude
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Getting a career coach often feels like something other people do. But recently more and more Australians are discovering the benefits of a career coach. And they’re having real conversations about their career progress, plans and aspirations with a professional. In fact, receiving qualified career development coaching increases your chance of getting a role by nearly three times over.

The benefits of career coaching will elevate your career passion and direct your professional purpose. You will gain a clearer perspective of your strengths and increased confidence in your abilities and skillset, plus how to match this with your future goals. A session with one of our career coaches can help you understand yourself and what you want out of your career. In your 45-minute session, you’ll be able to work one-on-one with your coach who will listen to you and support you. We are committed to giving you the tools and knowledge you need to get you where you want to be.

Learn more about Career Development Coaching and Career Direction and Purpose Coaching and how our experienced coaches can help you navigate your career, plan your next move and hone your skills to get you where you want to be.

Step into a career you love or discover new ways to bring meaning and purpose into your current role. Book in your session and discover a more rewarding career for yourself today.

At Select Resumes we understand that the time spent looking for a new job can be frustrating and costly.

That’s why we offer a professional and affordable experience backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.




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