Key Selection Criteria & Professional Folio

At Teachers’ Resumes we understand that the perfect application is not just a resume. In the teaching profession, almost every position you apply for will require a response to key selection criteria, a professional folio, or both. Our professional writing service is targeted toward all aspects of preparing for and securing an interview, and ultimately your dream job. Our team of professional writers are skilled to prepare your response to selection criteria, or to arrange your professional folio, such that your experience and skills are clearly and succinctly demonstrated ,presenting you as a professional, skilled and passionate educator.

Key Selection Criteria

Whether you’re applying for a position with Catholic Education, state education or another private school, you will find that there will be a set of key selection criteria that require a response. A professionally written criteria response or personal statement addressing criteria is the way to ensure your strengths as an educator, whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned teacher, are presented in the best possible way to really express your suitability for the position.

We understand that each state is different in regards to the requirements for applying for a position with state education. Whether you are applying in a state that requires applications to individual schools, or one that runs an applicant pool, our professional writers have the skills to summarise your experience in an exceptional selection criteria response, securing your position amongst interviewees, or aiding in the attainment of a very high rating.

Our professional writers are skilled at writing for graduate entry positions through to promotional administrative positions, including Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Department and Head of Curriculum. 

Professional Folio

With the effort you go to in preparing engaging and innovative resources, you want your Professional Folio to really shine, and clearly demonstrate your ability to create and implement creative and effective lessons. Using the resources and lesson plans you have designed and implemented, our team of professional writers will prepare a document of exceptional quality that outlines the intent and effectiveness of your resource and planning skills. Your professional folio will be visually striking, while the written content complements your professional resume and key selection criteria at the interview phase.

You Fit the Criteria,

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If you have had the pleasure of writing lengthy key selection criteria for education sector positions, you will know education and teachers selection criteria can be very complex, and tiresome to write.


Here at Teachers' Resumes we thrive on delivering superior selection criteria responses. We ensure that if you fit the criteria, you will be shortlisted for the position. We look forward to discussing your experience during our one on one consultation. We will discuss each point and help you identify your most suited experience for the criteria in context with the position description.

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Teaching Selection Criteria

Teaching Selection Criteria

Teachers' Resumes selection criteria writers thrive on delivering superior selection criteria responses, to ensure that if you fit the criteria, you will be shortlisted for the position. Talk to us today about our superior selection criteria writing process.
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