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Teachers' Resumes, established by a former educator turned resume writing expert. Our team understands the challenges of creating strong teachers resumes and selection criteria. If you want professional help, talk to Teachers' Resumes.
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Professional Teachers Resumes Written for Teachers and Educators
As teachers we typically look for that one position we could stay in for an extended period of time. Whether it be the nice little Christian school down the road, the big academic college or the security of a position with the state government, we're looking for that place we can settle and establish strong relationships and excellent teaching practice. For this reason, we very rarely need a resume, but when we do, we need it to be nothing but the best.
At we specialise in all application requirements, including professional resumes, selection criteria and professional folios, for the teaching profession nationwide. We've taken the time to understand exactly what it is each state and sector of the teaching profession is looking for, and combine this with the ability to succinctly express your breadth of understanding and experience to target your dream job.

Creating great Teachers' Resumes for all Level of Teachers
Whether you're a graduate drawing on your practicum experience and enthusiasm for teaching, or a senior teacher targeting administrative promotion, engaging our professional writing service for your resume, selection criteria or professional folio leaves you with time to focus on what's important, and produces a product sure to impress, aiding in getting that interview.

Teachers Resume Process
The process is simple. Contact us either by the form under 'get started' or by phone, and send us the details of the position you're wishing to target, as well as your current resume. We will then get back to you with a quote and payment options. Once payment is received, you will be allocated a professional writer who will liaise with you to organise a consultation time. This consultation will typically take 45min to an hour, and is your opportunity to tell your writer about yourself, your professional experience and your goals; all crucial information in creating your perfect application. Once your document has been written, our professional editor will ensure there are no errors. From here, resumes will go to our professional designer, where your resume will be set out in a graphic template of your choice; we have many teaching specific and general templates to choose from.

Teachers' Resumes Guarantee
Upon receiving your documents, you will have a 30 day window in which to contact us to make adjustments, ensuring you end up with exactly the application you're after. Once you have the interview locked in, our services extend to interview training to help you secure, not just the interview, but the position you've been looking for.

Teachers Resume Services

Teaching Resumes

Teachers' Resumes

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Teachers' Resumes understand that you need a professional resume that is as individual as you are, we work with you to ensure we understand the full scope of your individual needs and create an application you can be proud to call your own!
Teaching Selection Criteria

Teaching Selection Criteria

Teachers' Resumes selection criteria writers thrive on delivering superior selection criteria responses, to ensure that if you fit the criteria, you will be shortlisted for the position. Talk to us today about our superior selection criteria writing process.
Interview Skills Coaching

Interview Skills Coaching

Know what to say, when & how
Teachers' Resumes' talented and caring interview skills coaches offer a one on one personalised interview coaching consultation to help you prepare. We are enthusiastic about achieving your desired results, you can count on us to deliver.
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